The Master Gardener’s Secret

Produced locally in Indianola, Iowa, our OMRI-listed organic fertilizer is the “secret ingredient” to

  • Fuller bedding plants
  • Healthier turf
  • Vigorous potted plants

Safe at any concentration and odor-free, earthworm castings are key to a healthy plantscape.

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Why Central Iowa Organic Fertilizer?

If plants could talk

They’d ask you for Central Iowa Organic Fertilizer worm castings! Organic growers know that our product feeds plants, stimulates growth and improves soil while still remaining safe for children and pets. Worm castings build the soil by replacing what man and time have taken out. Stop worrying about burning plants or the toxic effects of industrial NPK fertilizers and give your plants what they’ve been asking for! All of our products are produced in Indianola, Iowa by the Wyatt family — and the worms, of course. We can’t forget the worms.

Benefits include:

  • Listed organic   OMRI certificate available on request.
  • Odor-free   Perfect for indoor plants as well as outdoor.
  • Never burns   At any concentration, seed and bedding plants are safe.
  • No harmful buildup   No problems from over-applying over time.
  • Improves soils   Structure, drainage and aeration are all improved.
  • Promotes microbial activity   Free-living, nitrogen-fixing bacteria provide an optimum growth environment.
  • Provides growth hormones    Castings contain auxins and cytokinins which promote root health.
  • Bio-available nutrients   Trace elements and the natural structure and high-microbial activity allow our worm castings to outperform NPK fertilizers.